A Message From Lorena

Lorena writes that she went to the forbidden area and that she realised that the druid really has bad intentions. She wants to talk to us but that's not that easy since she is invisible when we enter the forbidden area

BW tells us to visit Horatio. Horatio hints us to two items called "Stereocel" and "Tadamonica".
We receive those items from Tonk who stands in front of the ruins (his former palace). Unfortunately we have to give him our two pieces of the amulet in return. *snif*

Indeed we meet Lorena in the forbidden area when we take the very first path to the west. She warns us that the next plague will hit Heather Rose. Lorena also tells us that she will keep an eye on the druid.

When we return to the divine forge we meet the druid who teleports us to the jail.

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