A Rocking Chair

We get a message from our descendent. He tells us that he is thankful that we follow his footsteps. We are given the travel pig and all the NPCs seem to be informed about our arrival, too.

The ancestor is awaiting us in front of our house. We talk to him.

If you want to change your race/appearance this is the time to do so. Tell uncle that you want to change. Attention: you can change only once!!! So make sure you really decided on how you want to look like!

Horatio gives us some resources. Now we can immediately choose an occupation.
As soon as we got an occupation we go and tell our ancestor about it. He tells us to get a second one.
Now our lovely ancestor desires a rocking chair. Just give him 200 SP.

As a reward we will find a statue of our ancestor in our inventory. Just put it into your house and enjoy the pleasure of having a wonderful and magnificent statue showing yourself.

When our beloved ancestor is sitting in his new wonderful chair we talk to him again. We are given the chop-o-mat and the silver cape.

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