A Warning / The Perilous Hats

Tombo is calling. He wants to talk to us urgently and wants to warn us about something.
When we arrive at the bridge to Gaul Tombo tells us that he really needs the hats of the robbers which had kidnapped Karamix' children. He tells us that those hats are perilous.
Karamix children Bambix and Feline are staying with Kippfix. They got the hats.
When we arrive at Kippfix he tells us that he had been outwitted. The children disappeared but he was able to prevent a kidnapping of BW.

We go to Karamix and report what has happened. He gives us the children's toy bear (a wooden toy) on which our pig can sniff to track them down.
The pig runs to the cave where we found the first piece of the amulet in the first generation (north of the arena)
Since it is pitch dark in the cave we refuse to enter it.
We go to Jolasius. He tells us about torches that never stop burning. He kindly gives us one of those torches.

Now we can enter the cave. Bambix and Feline are standing right in the middle of the cave.
We cannot fight the children but we can look into the chests.
the chest situated in the very left of the cave contains 200 SP
the chest right next to Bambix contains some primary resources
the chest behind the two children contains 2 Dragonfern
the remaining two chests do us harm when we open them
we can find 2 silver that are hidden in the pile of wood
for every further search in that pile we lose 1 silver
we also lose 1 silver when we investigate the bear

We open our inventory and click on the toy bear to show it to the kids. They don't want to come with us. We click on the bear for a second time. We persuade the children by promising them grilled chicken and chips for dinner (or maybe lunch).
Back to Karamix. He tells us cheerily that his kids are normal again. He also gives us the hats. To finish this quest we go to Tombo and give him the perilous hats.
When we also go to Kippfix and tell him that the children are in safety again he gives us 1 gold.

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