Access To The Vineyard

A new message from your uncle Horatio! He has found his paradise and wants to stay there forever. That sounds interesting, let's find out more!

1. To find your uncle's resting place you will have to go back to Jolaisus. But he won't let you pass to search the vineyard.

2. Jolaisus confirms that Horatio is on the vineyard, but doesn't think that a frail figure like yourself can stand the sight of him. You have to proove that you're strong first, by defeating a bear.

3. There are two possibilities to solve this quest:
a) you can use the honey to distract the bear and raise your chance to defeat it. The bearskin will go straight into your inventory.
b) If you can't defeat the bear, go and see the bear hunter. You will find the bear hunter in the tavern east of the arena where the violet for Tonk used to be. For the price of 8 gold he will defeat the bear for you and bring back the bearskin to "proove" your heroic deed.

4. As soon as you've got the bearskin (one way or another) go back to Jolaisus. He will be impressed enough to let you pass. But where is your uncle now?

5. At the fourth grave from the left you'll be able to read the inscription. Uncle Hoartio is dead!

6. Deliver the sad news to the other NPCs: Karamix (will give you a loaf of bread), Matricia (a small healing potion), Tombo and Tonk.

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