Achievement System

Dear Travians players,

Generation 4 is coming soon, and therefore we now present you with a small overview on how it will continue for a Travians player.

After the Generation switch your life as a Travians will continue as normal:
you'll collect resources for trading, fight in the arena for honor and reputation, decorate your house and play with friends in the tavern.

The story of the curse, the pig and the druid will end after the 3rd Generation. The generation is completed and currently there are no quests planned for Generation 4.

However, you will certainly have noticed during the last couple of weeks that we are continuously working on new or improved features to keep Travians most exciting. Apart from the updates during the last few weeks, we have developed a medal system. This medal system will be activated in mid- January and will award special achievements.

There will be a new option in your profile called "achievements". There will be different disciplines/achievements that you can fulfill. Depending on your efforts, you can win wooden, bronze, silver and gold medals. In your profile it will of course show what you have already achieved to other players!

It starts with about 20 achievements, but it will grant you more disciplines further on, so that you can get new challenges.

We don't want to disclose more details right here. But starting from mid-January all of you can dart at the medals!

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