So you thought you were addicted to Travians before? Well say goodbye to all your free time because the Achievements are here! And guess what, picking them up will be even more addictive then anything seen in the game so far!

So here are the basics, the are 4 types of medals to be won.

Achievement_1.gif Achievement_2.gif Achievement_3.gif Achievement_4.gif
Wood Bronze Silver Gold

These medals are achieved by completing set tasks within the game.They last either 24 hours and reset during the server reset or have an unlimited time to complete. These tasks have been sorted into 6 categories:

Icon_kampf2b.gifGo Fighting

Icon_hausundhof2b.gifThe roof over your head

Icon_sammelleidenschaft2b.gif Collector's passion

Icon_gibmirarbeit2b.gifGive me work

Icon_games2b.gifI just want to play

Icon_buntgemischt2b.gifMixed bag

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