Apollo (~A~)

sl33ping terQ terquetos
Guild Wizard Odin
Guild Bunny Kathrin
Guild Druid nomegas
Hero for Hire Jonks
Sauna Man HenuDeemus
Guild Babe Krümelix
Guild Spy and Lazy Hoey Hoey
Odin´s Real Bodyguard beni
Sleeping Knight CatalystZero
Village Idiot QueenE
Guild Dragon urmeli
Resident Grammy BrandiLayne
Public Enemy Earthman
Nominal-member of honour Grenadine
Wannabe Elder rossnewby
Krümelix´ Slave mnhypocrite

- Apollo is the roman god of the light and of the sun. -

We have some experienced players and we are heading for the top of the list. ;)

Since guilds are limited to 30 players, we´ll only accept very good applications, and only if we have a free spot. You can find the requirements for joining in our forum, please write your applications only there, thx ;)

We have close alliances with:

- New Moon (N.M.)
- Damage Inc (D.I.)
- The flying circus (TFC)
- Czech and Slovak guilde (CzechG)

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