In the arena you match yourself with other players and therefore you invest AP. How many AP you use per fight, you determine in the settings. With every fight you receive XP and some SP. If you win the fight, you get more as if you lose it. Moreover, your fun rises with fights. In the arena, you can increase your basic skills in sword fight and defence by paying a fee for coaching. You need this to increase your fight abilities.

The Course of the Fight

The fights run off in rounds and one player always attacks and the other defends. The player with the higher skill strikes the first blow. Every player selects one of three directions in which he hits or defends. Provided that no fight ability is used, a blow is blocked completely if both directions correspond. The fight is led so long, until a player has no more hit points (HP). If a player is loosing connection to the game / Internet, his direction choice is taken over by chance from the computer, also in the case that player makes no choice. During the fight, players can use potions for themselves.
Besides the game level of your character, there is a so-called fight level. This is directed by your results in the fight and rises or sinks throughout the course of time.

Depending on the fight level of your opponent, you receive XP after the fight. When searching for opponents in the arena, only players who have a difference to you by +/-5 fight levels will be drawn to you. Other values are:

  • Skill: Determines how often you can use your fight ability. The increase is determined through the value skill in the attributes.
  • Defensive value: Determines how high your armour value is. (armor + bonus). Increase is determined through the value Resistance strength in the attributes.
  • Attack value: Determines how high the damage is you can inflict. (Damage value of your weapon + bonus). Increase is determined through the value strength in the attributes. Hit points (Life points): If this display sinks to zero or below, you have lost the fight.
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