Here you can find everything concerning the subject defence.The trader offers you armours,helmets,boots,belts and shields.All objects you need in the fight for your protection.
The offer can look,for example,like this:

Reinforced plate armor
31 Armour
Level 29 Constitution
Level 37 Agility
Price: 9(gold)98(silver)90(cooper)

As with the armsmaker,you always must have reached a certain game level to be able to wear an armour object.You can also purchase an object here,decline or reserve for later.A reserved armour object disappears not again from the offer ,but is booked to you until you make a final decision.Especially rare objects dispose of a bonus attribute.That means they increase a character attribute on the shown value.

The trader buys back old armour objects from the inventory also,but only 1/3 of the original purchase price.If you pull an armour object onto the bag with the golden coints and confirm the sale,the money is credited to you.


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