This is the correct contact dor evrybody who strives in the Arena for fame and hornor.Hre knives,bats,clubs and swords are found for the ambitious fighter.According to quality the arms trader reqires more or less game money for his goods and buys back old weapons again.An offer of the arms trader could look,for example,like this:

Sharp hatchet
44 Damage
Level 15 Constitution
Level 10 Stregth

The weapon can be purchased only if you have enough money .You can only carry it if you fulfill the demanded game level and the demanded attributes.With a clicck on the desired weapon you can purchase this not only decline,but also reserve,e.g: if you still like to consider a little bit, or yet do not have the necessary money for it.That means it remains on offer until you decide.Purchased wapons appear in the inventory first.To carry them you click them in the inventory and they aooear in the suitable field beside your character .Of you like to put a weapon from the weapon field back in the inventory,you click on it again.Especially rare weapons dispose of a bonus attribute.This means they increase a character attribute on the shown value.

The trader buys back wapons from the inventory but only 1/3 of the original purchase price.In addition,you must pull the weapon on top of the bag with the golden coints and confirm the sale.

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