Artifacts give players a bonus that can assists in various ways, they can either be constructed or won in a global tournament for a guild.

Warehouse : Gives more room to store stuff in guild.
Social Point Bonus : Gives +% more SP from any activity.
Experience Bonus : Gives +% xp to anything that gives experience.
Resource Mining Bonus : Gives +% resources to the resources mined each turn.

Artifacts can be construed by a guild member with sub administration right or higher. Each artifact will cost a certain amount of resources which depends on bonus amount, player level coverage and longevity. Constructing an artifact takes time, that is primary affected by the bonus amount gained.

  1. Bonuses can range from 10% to 200%
  2. Bonuses can last for 2 or 3 weeks

note Multiple artfiact bonuses do NOT stack, only the highest level will apply

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