Barter Trade

Pilou has returned home from his voyage.
Visit him in his house and he will give you a rose.

Now of course we can find somebody who will be more in need of a rose than us.

1. Give the rose to Heather-Rose. You will find her on the way going south from the market and turning west at the bifurcation. She is standing in front of a house with a bunch of flowers around it. She will exchange your rose with a love poem.

2. Give the love poem to Tonk, you will then get a manlyweed.

3. Matricia will be happy about the manlyweed, and she will give you a potion against arthritis.

4. Actually, you don't suffer from arthritis, so you can ask Tombo who will give you the hats of the 2 skull-robbers.

5. Karamix will exchange these hats against a piece of armor.

6. After all of this, return to Pilou and tell him of your barters. At the end, he will give you his part of the amulet.

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