Occupation Points

You need occupational points to collect or process raw materials. The number of OP available to you is found in the bottom left corner of your screen.


You receive 30 OP on a regular basis per day (in the Gold Club it's 35/day). The occupational points automatically regenerate. You will see when the next OP is generated when you move the mouse over the hourglass (approx. every 48 minutes you receive an OP).

OP are regenerated faster when you sleep while your sleep bar is not entirely full; the higher the category of the bed, the more OPs you generate.

For every OP you use, you receive an action point. A maximum of 90 OP can be collected and stored. (To members of the Gold Club it's 140 OP). Every additional occupational point is lost.

Tip: In addition, there is the possibility on influencing the OP with coffee. You can drink coffee in the tavern or by clicking the diamond symbol (on top in your screen menu). This substitutes a 4-hour sleep and you receive the OP as you would have if you'd slept this time. However this only works if your Travian is tired enough.
Be careful with coffee though. It gives you the OP of 4 hours sleep on a stone bed and it fills half of your sleep bar. And as your OP don't regenerate faster when your sleep bar is full, you miss out on 4 hours of faster OP regeneration if you drink coffee. So if you have access to a higher category bed, drinking coffee may not be a good idea in the long run.

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