Bath Ca

A Bath Community Action happens between XX:30 and XX:45. Most hosts will start looking to people to attend their bath between XX:00 and XX:15 and require that guests be in tubs by XX:25.

How to attend a bath CA:

  1. Look for an advertisement in the Bath CA Chat
  2. If no advertisement is visible, ask if there are any hosts
  3. When you find a host, click on their name and select "Friendship Tree"
  4. If the host is not advertising for themselves, look them up in the Rankings, click on their name, then select "Friendship Tree"
  5. In the "Friendship Tree" window, click on "Send friendship request"
  6. Some hosts require that you enter their house chat and speak before the request will be accepted. To see if this is the case, read their profile for anything pertaining to a Bath CA. If they do require this, you may enter the housechat by typing "/join <username>" where <username is replaced by the host's username (Case sensitive)
  7. If the host has room for you at their CA, you will get a report saying that you were accepted as a friend.
  8. When it is time to go to the CA, click on the report that was sent, click on the host's name, then click "Enter house"
  9. Once you have entered the house, click on the balloon in the top right to make sure you have the house chat open
  10. Find a spot in a bath. Most hosts mark bath rooms with a water glass to make finding the tubs easier.
  11. Wait until XX:30, then click on yourself to quicklyjump out of the tub then back in, bringing up the sponge. If this fails to work, refresh the screen (f5 for many systems)
  12. Wait for the host or designated assistant to count down
  13. When the countdown is finished click the sponge above your head
  14. Stay in the tub until the host gives you permission to leave. If you do not stay in the tub, a host will most likely ban you from future baths, and get you banned from other hosts' baths.

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