Battle Against The Druid Pupils

You will get a message from an unknown sender. We are invited to come to the Arena. Before the arena a druid is waiting for us. To fight against it seems virtually impossible, he has an extremely high value and attack more than 3000 life points. Go to Lorena and ask for advice on how you can defeat the druid. Lorena knows a way to weaken it, but she can’t exactly remember how. It was something that is required in the kitchen. Speak again with her. The correct answer is "olive oil". Lorena also has a bottle of olive oil, but no longer in the combination of numbers out of the cabinet. However, it has a trick.

Travelling from north to south through all taverns. Count in the first tavern the number of dead animals, in the second the number of aquariums, in the third the number of drinking horns, in the fourth the number of candles and in the fifth the number of flower vases.

The first is that of Senkel his tavern. He has 2 dead animals.
The next tavern is north of the Moor. There are 3 aquariums.
Next, we visit the tavern in Karamix. We find 9 Drinking horns.
The next tavern is located at the second mill. There are 4 candles.
The last tavern is near Livius his house. 6 flower vases are there.

The correct code is 23946. Tell this to Lorena. Select the option "open lock” on the box behind her and enter the code. The bottle of olive oil automatically wanders into the inventory.
Go back to the arena and start another fight with the druid. Your use the oil automatically. Also you can use potions on the druid.

If the druid is still too strong, you can get a another bottle of olive oil at the tavern near Livius his house. In the tavern you can find a Russian named Yuri. Talk with the bartender to learn that Yuri has a bottle of olive oil. Yuri wants a bottle of vodka. The bartender sells it but asks 12 gold pieces for it. If you buy it take the bottle back to Yuri. He will want you to win a game of chess from him. Look at the game, then close it and talk to Yuri again. Tell him the winning combination is: E3G5. Then you’ll get the bottle of olive oil from Yuri.

Now you can defeat the druid. He will disappear when you defeated him.

And then you are waiting for your death. Happy Rebirth!

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