There are four bonus times, which change every 15 min. Thus, it is possible to receive every bonus by a certain action in the suitable time within one hour. The bonus exists of additional social points or points of experience

Symbol Bonus Name Bonus Time
interface_left_top_0.gif Fight Bonus ??:00 - ??:15
interface_left_top_1.gif Minigame Bonus ??:15 - ??:30
interface_left_top_2.gif Community Actions ??:30 - ??:45
interface_left_top_3.gif Trade Bonus ??:45 - ??:00

Every time you obtain your bonus for the actual bonus time, the bonus symbol (upper corner left) will turn grey. You can perform each of the four bonus actions a maximum of five times in one day and the bonus icon will show how many you have used when you move your mouse over it. If you already received the bonus five times the symbol will continue to be grey.

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