Brightwhite In Danger / A Safe Home

We have a bad conscience…. we should go and visit Brightwhite!
Matricia tells us that she is too weak to care for the little infant. We need to find a safe place where we can leave Brightwhite.

When we ask Karamix where we could find such a safe place he accidently mentions Gaul.
Senkel also has interesting news for us: Tombo is back, he has been moved.

*drum roll* right, Tombo is now posted at the border to the Gallic area. When you are at Heather Rose's house follow the path to the south and turn left when you reach the tavern. Unfortunately Tombo wont let us pass the river.

Back to Matricia. When we tell her that we want to bring Brightwhite to Gaul she gives us the baby. We click on Brightwhite (I will call him from now on BW… that's faster) and he goes directly into our inventory… yay we got a baby in our back pack

Now that we got BW with us Tombo shows some compassion for us. Additionally he gives us some more interesting information: The child should be given to Kippfix, Karamix's brother. His house is the one next to the tavern. Before you can do so we have to give Tombo 20 bricks to fix the broken bridge.

The bridge is fixed and we can enter the Gallic area. We follow the path to the south and soon we can see the tavern and right of it Kippfix' house.

Kippfix welcomes us heartily (not warm and hot as nasty would do) and we have to answer some questions:
the family's heirloom is the chop-o-mat (hackomat)
the niece is Feline
and the animal that is included in the favorite tavern's name is a monkey ("The Lousy Monkey") (you could also use "ape")
Since we knew all the correct answers Kippfix agrees to care for BW from now on.

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