Central Forces

The time seems to be perfect for the re-transformation of our beloved piggy. To do that we need the centrifuge and a formula we get from the members of "Cocuraffle".
Tonkarius gives us a box that contains the centrifuge.
Additionally he tells us the first part of the formula: the name of the travelpig
Heather Rose's part is: REDIT
Matricia's part: FACIES
Pilou's part of the formula is a number: 9,80665
Tombo's part (He stands at the bridge to the forbidden area.): VERA
Lorena knows the last part: PERIT; she also gives us her safety goggles.

Now we need a nice little place where we can complete the centrifuge. The altar where we once rescued our pig seems to be the ideal place. When we arrive at the alter we click on the centrifuge in our inventory.
Now we have to recite the formula. The correct order is: <your pig's name> VERA REDIT FACIES DISSIMULATA PERIT 9.80665
Afterwards the centrifuge needs energy. We use the star's energy in our inventory.
The centrifuge starts to rotate.

Right after we report to Tonkarius a little dove delivers a new message from Tombo. He informs us that the druid has been seen in the forbidden area.
We find him in front of the centrifuge. After a little chat the druid jumps into the centrifuge. Obviously he tries to stop it.
Back to Tonkarius as soon as we can.
Unfortunately we cannot do anything but sit and wait.

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