Chat Rules

The chat rules are there to allow a pleasant stay in the Travians chat to all users. The general rules are valid to the chat, too.

With non-observance or willful offence Travians reserves itself the right to expel the user under circumstances also without announcement of the Chats, to delete or to banish or if necessary to initiate juridical steps.

§1 No discrimination
Nobody is discriminated on the basis of gender, religion, age, race or similar in the Travianer chat. Private disputes do not concern the general public. Should you have to clear differences of opinion, this should happen by IGM or single chat.

§2 No insults, threats or nuisances
Insults and threats are forbidden of every kind. To bother other players over and over again with the same questions or to describe violent actions in them, is also not allowed.

§3 No vulgar expressions and remarks
Sexist and vulgar statements are to be omitted. No matter whether they are directed against another player or are expressed in general.

§4 Respect the other Chatter
The chat is intended to talk nicely. So respect the other users and behave in such a way as you also wish it for you from the other.

§5 Capital letters and special characters
Contributions in capital letters are needlessly remarkable and disturb the chat. It corresponds to the yelling in the Real-Life and, therefore, is not especially friendly and undesirable accordingly. Special characters like—-or +++ or *** or similar special characters are not welcome.

§6 Spam is forbidden
Spam means to write the same line or different pointless lines again and again. It is also a matter of spam of typing only one or two words so that a sentence is spread over several contributions. This disturbs the other users and the Moderators and, therefore, is to be omitted.

§7 No immoderate Chat-room names
The sexist, fascistic and other chat-room names which offend against a reasonable way of speaking are forbidden. Nicks and chat-room names which contain in any way "Admin" or similar as a component are not permitted for mistake reasons.

§8 The right subject in the right Chat-room
The subject of the public chat rooms has to be respected. Commercial offers, e.g., do not belong in the general chat.

§9 Advertising
Advertising for commercial companies in the Travians chat is prohibited in general.

§10 Chat language "in English"
The language in the public rooms of the Travianer chat is basically english. Whoever speaks another language, may create a private channel where another languages can be spoken. To supervise the observance of these rules, chat moderators stay in the Travians chat in irregular intervals. The chat moderators are also authorized to point out players which offend against the general rules or chat rules. By repeated or hard offence they are entitled to exclude a player from the chat.
The public chat rooms are not the right place to discuss the moderator´s decisions. If you feel unfairly treated by a moderator, you can mail to him an IGM in which you can ask him friendly for the reason of the ban. A moderator is not obliged to answer such an IGM. If a user does not behave accordingly to these rules, you can inform us of this. In addition you click on the "report" badge in the chat. On the following page you can tell us who did omit the rules and why this is your opinion.

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