Senkel, Isolde and all her sheep bid farewell via a pigeon. Heather Rose will take over the tavern until they return.

Senkel also mentions the water card. Maybe we can see something on it?
And really. A red X appeared in the forbidden area. Unfortunately the way to the forbidden area gets complicated since Tonk's ruins finally collapsed completely.
Luckily we find a new way at the place where the ferryman used to be (south of the guild area, first turn after Heather Rose's house).

There we meet Lorena. She stands in front of a bridge that was built by the druid and his pupils. Mortal people cannot pass but we are still considered to be seemingly death.
At the lake that is marked on the card we meet the druids and his pupils. Piggy is with them (poor piggy ).

As soon as we talk to the druid he banishes us into the jail. Luckily Tombo is positioned there and of course he releases us immediately. Tombo suggests to turn the tables… Sounds good, but the question is: HOW????
Again it is BW who gives the crucial hint to combine the "Bitter" and the "Fallen" to the "Conversion Stone".

The "Bitter" is the gall stone of our ancestor. He demands a coffin in return. Surprise, Stan is just offering one for just 2 gold.
We take the coffin to our ancestor and receive the gall stone.
The "Fallen" is the meteorite that bounced onto Lorena's house. We touch it with the gall stone that changes its form. Tadaaaaaah… We hold the Conversion Stone in our hands.
With the help of that stone we can go and challenge the druid.
Again the druid wants to teleport us away but this time it is him who gets moved away. The pupils are no obstacle. They let us pass.

We follow the path. Left of the camp we find a spot at which we can search for the piece of the amulet (in the water). The lake is too deep for fishing but our talented piggy can get it out of the water.
We take the piece of the amulet to Tonk who will keep it in safe custody for our descendant.

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