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Due to players' criticism, we have changed the option to kick people during the mini game poker. The option still exists to ensure that inactive players don't ruin the game. However, it is now only possible 30 seconds after the end of a whole turn. By pressing the "ok"-button" within those 30 seconds, active players can make sure that they will stay in the game. Afterwards, everybody is able to kick inactive players, so that an inactive game leader can be kicked as well.

Eating during community actions -
change on 18.11. at 11 a.m.

There has been a lot of criticism that the hunger column is still filled up even though junk food is not required anymore. We think that it is part of the game logic that your needs are satisfied every time you get active. This is why we do not want to change it entirely. However, we have decided to reduce the effect from currently approx. 1/3 to approx. 1/6 in the future to party fulfill your wish.
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