Developer comments and notes

So I figured we needed somewhere to write down what we wanted to accomplish and ask each other questions.

Note: hold discussions in the forum

To Do List:

  • Structure what exists in the wiki (maybe copy from german wiki)
  • Furniture catalog with only pics/sp

to be developed from the database provided by ~ine~ maybe back up the database, and remove additional info, then have 2 copies of the database.

Any images used on the site, need to have permisson, thusly we can only use images from the server any work done by a 3rd party can only be used with there permission

a number of pages have been developed with a common graphical look, keep to this, as it look professional

  • Breadcrums, we have good proportion allready linked up
  • Content review
  • Spelling & Grammer review
  • Quest pages need images
  • Page Titles, in a lot of cases, some characters have not loaded corretly

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