Down With The Curse !!

We receive a message from our former travel pig (FTP). Finally the curse can be broken. FTP awaits us in front of the divine forge in the forbidden area. (Remember: It's strange but yes, FTP looks exactly like the druid. Amazing!!! )

FTP tells us that we need the help of our ancestors. Horatio is already with us (in the vial in our inventory) but we also need our direct predecessors. Tonkarius knows where to find them (Hint: That means that we have to visit Tonkarius ).

Tonkarius tells us that we would find the remains of them in the cellar of the ruin of his "Summer Resort" and that Tombo would wait for us in front of the ruin.

The "Summer Resort" is the ruin near the southern grain field. Tombo already cleared the track to the cellar-vault for us. A simple click on the ruin and we are in.

In the cellar are some urns and coffins. We need the black urn in the northern corner (the remains of our ancestor from generation 1) and the brown wooden coffin in the southern corner (the remains of our ancestor from generation 2).

Now we return to FTP in front of the devine forge.

We have to place the golem inside the forge (on the big table right opposite of the entrance).

The golem is hungry and thirsty. We give him the last vial of water from the fountain of youth to drink and the pieces of the amulet to eat. (In case he doesn't take any further pieces of the amulet after the first one refresh your browser.)

As soon as he has digested everything he spits out the reassembled amulet. We pick it up and give it to FTP in front of the forge.

At last the curse is broken and our ancestors return into the world of the living. They stand outside of the forge. When you always dreamt of giving your ancestors a huge hug THIS is the time to do so. Just talk to them and feel the love of your family .

Tonkarius is throwing a huge party in his palace and all the NPCs are invited. The party lasts 24 hours and during that time we can eat at his palace as much as we can gulp (for free). In the meantime Senkel's tavern is closed.

Additionally we can choose a last reward: We have to choose between "time-off" (one free meal and one free drink per day on an island in the Roman camp) or a "VIP-card" (two weeks of gold club membership for free).

The curse is broken! You finished the last quest! Congratulations!!!!!!!

On day 67 we get a last message from FTP. He and some of the NPCs left the country. Tombo, Stan, Pilou, Matricia, Jolasius, Senkel and Isolde will stay with us.

That's it! You are through!! Congrats!!! That was the last quest! Good Bye

And with this ends your long journey in the world of Travians. From the next generation, you will not have any quests.

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