End Of The Pig Atmosphere

We receive a message from Lorena. We need to go see our piggy urgently at the Centrifuge Spin.
The druid and our sweet piggy stand next to the centrifuge, but, the conversation with them is kind of strange. Did they exchanged their bodies?!

Our pig informs us that really is not our pig so therefor the druid. He also tells us that he will bite us. The pig really is following us at every turn and we want to get rid of it, somehow.
What we need is a strong opponent. We had better find the 13th bear that Tonkarius himself wanted to fight 2 quests ago. Unfortunately the spot he appears at is determined randomly.
The search is not that easy since the travel pig bites us every time we stop. When we want to go on we have to refresh our browser first or just wait a few seconds. We will tell ourselves when we can proceed.

As soon as we find the bear we hide. The bear eats the pig and then vanishes.
Although we don't get to see the struggle. It is too messy to be displayed ;).
We return to the centrifuge. And hooray, the druid really turns out to be our beloved but transformed piggy.
He wants us to meet at the Palace of Tonkarius to talk to us.
Once there he tells us that he regained his memory. In a few days he wants to visit the "Great Mother" to consult her.
Another good thing to happen: Tonkarius proposed marriage to Lorena!!!

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