Fight Information

Table of Contents

I. Intro
II. Leveling
III. Attributes Page
IV. Occupation Section
V. Special Moves Section
VI. Attributes Section
VII. Fights
VIII. Armor, Weapons, and Tools
IX. Potions
X. Credits

I. Intro

The Table of Contents looks long, but it really isn't, we don't think so :D. As the title suggests, you will find all information you need on fights here.

II. Leveling

In Travians, whenever you harvest a resource, play a game in the tavern for 5 AP, or fight in the arena right of the markets, you gain experience points (XP). At the top of your screen, you will see your name, then your level, then a bar underneath. This bar is your experience [XP] bar. The blue part is the current XP you have. When it reaches the end, you level up.

When you level, a colorful arrow levelup.gif icon shows up at the bottom of your screen. Click on that and you are taken to your attributes page. You can also see your attributes page by clicking on your profile icon in the lower left, then clicking on "Attributes."

III. Attributes Page

Here is what an attributes page might look like (without all the red):

IV. Occupation Section

At the top of the table you see three columns titled Occupation, Level, and 0. This is the occupation section. While playing Travians, there will eventually come a time when you are asked by your uncle to choose an occupation. To choose an occupation, just harvest your occupational focus.

The 0 shows how many points you can use to put into your occupation. Since we have 0, we can't invest anything. If we had a point, though, and we wanted to level up Baker, we would click on the + sign to add it to Baker. You get 1 point per level.

V. Special Moves Section

Under the Occupation section you see 4 columns: Attack, Level, Defense, and Level. This area is for your special moves (abilities that you can use when fighting by using fight points, which will be discussed later). As you can see on our attributes page, all of our special moves (Feint, Smite, etc.) are grayed out. This is because we cannot put points into them even if we had points.

To unlock these special moves, go to the arena right of the marketplace and buy Swordsmanship for Attack and Defense for Defense.

E.G. If we buy one level of swordsmanship, we unlock Feint. Then we can put a point into Feint by clicking on the + sign next to it if we had a point.

However, the rest of the moves under Attack have other requirements in order to be unlocked. Move your mouse over the special move names to see what the moves actually do). If you see two numbers (e.g. the attacker will inflict 0% (15%) damage…), the second number will be the percentage that applies if you leveled it. The first number is what the current power of it is. Under the description of the move is the requirement of the move.

E.G. You need to buy the second level of Swordsmanship and put a point into Feint to unlock Bash.

However, the 1 point per level that you can use for your Occupation is shared with the special moves section, meaning you have to choose whether or not you will level up your occupation or your special moves. So, choose wisely ;)

Also note that against NPC Fighters, Fight points are always 0. You can use potions, though. Against quest NPCs (e.g. robbers and such) fight points are indeed usable, but, quest NPCs have ridiculous amounts of agility, so we have never had 50 Fight points against them.

VI. Attributes Section

At the very bottom of the page you'll see the attributes section. Three columns are labeled Attribute, Level, and 0, for example. To the right of that table are three rows labeled Life Points, Att, and Def. We'll explain those first.

Life Points is what gives your character health in a fight. The object of the fight is to get the life points down to zero. To reduce life points, you Attack (Att) them. The Att shows how much damage (not factoring in your weapon) you are able to do. The defense (Def) will show how much defense you have since you need to be able to protect your life points as well as trying to reduce your opponents'.

To increase your Life points, Att, and Def, you need to increase certain attributes. Looking at the attributes section above, you will see red lines going from Strength to Att, Constitution to Life points, and Resistance to Def. This means that Strength will affect your Att, Constitution will affect Life points, and Resistance will affect Def.

To increase Strength, Constitution, or Resistance, you need to get add (+) points into them. Unlike occupation, you get 2 points to distribute every time you level.

Now, you may have noticed that we didn't talk about Agility. That's because agility doesn't affect Life points, Att, or Def. Agility will affect something called "Fight points," which, if you remember from earlier, is what you use to perform special moves during a fight.

In a fight, the fight points are decided between a ratio between the two fighters. The person with higher agility will get the maximum of 50 fight points. The person with lower agility will get fight points based on a secret ratio. So let's look at what an actual fight looks like.

VII. Fights

For an official fight that will give you SP, XP, and fun, go to the arena to the right of the markets. You will see this:

As you can see, there's where you can buy/learn Swordsmanship/Defense levels and Search for an opponent. Click search for an opponent. At this time, the game will try to pair you with another player based on your Fight levels. Your fight level is determined by your wins/losses in the arena. If you win, your fight level goes up. If you lose, your fight level goes down. You will always be paired with someone within 5 fight levels of you.

E.G. If I had a fight level of 20, I could be paired with people whose fight level ranges from 15-25.

Now, I am in a fight. This is what it looks like:

From the picture you can see that fight levels, fight points, defense values, attack values, and life points are shown in the middle. When the fight starts, one fighter will defend while the other attacks. The person who is defending will have the shield icon underneath their avatar and the attacker gets the two swords icon underneath theirs. When the number in Timer goes down to zero, whatever the fighters chose to do will happen, the turn is over, and the positions are switched (meaning the person who started out defending will be attacking).

On the left, you can see my special moves (smite and defiance according to the pictures). Since they were defense special moves, they appear when I am defending. When I am attacking, they will not be there, but instead Feint or Bash will appear if I have those. In order to perform those special moves, I simply have to click on them and they will be performed at the end of round.

To the left of the special moves is an empty box where potions will go (mentioned later). To the right of the special moves are three directional arrows. If I click on the top arrow, I will defend my upper area. If I click the middle arrow, I defend my opponent's middle area. If I click the lower arrow, I will defend my opponent's lower area.

My opponent will also be able to choose from the same three arrows. My goal is to defend the area she will choose to attack. If I do not click an arrow, then the computer randomly chooses one for me.

If I block the correct area and my opponent did not use a special move, I will take no damage. If I don't block the correct area, my opponent will deal damage based on her Attack value and my Defense value. I do not know the equations for dealing damage, so yeah…The higher defense value I have, the less she'll damage me. The higher attack value she has, the more she'll hurt me. Note that my defense value is calculated as a total. There is no difference if she hits my lower area and I'm not wearing boots than if she had hit my fully armored upper area.

VIII. Armor, Weapons, and Tools

Now you may be wondering why my opponent doesn't have any armor. That's because I edited them out to put those nifty little numbers there. Anyways…

Below the main part of the village are three special shops: armorer, armsmaker, and tool trader.

The armorer is focused on enhancing your Defense value. You can buy helmets (1), body armor (2), shields (3), boots (4), and belts (5).

The armsmaker is focused on enhancing your Attack value. There are a variety of weapons, including swords, maces, knives, etc. Weapons are equipped in slot 6.

The tool trader has nothing to do with fighting, so I'll deal with it later.

When buying armor and weapons, there are requirements you must meet in order to equip them. You can see the requirements by moving your mouse over the item you want to buy. Any requirement that's in bold means you haven't met that requirement.

E.G. I may need at least 5 levels in agility in order to buy a special belt.

You must also have enough money to buy the item, btw.

Anyways, if you do not meet the requirements, you can still buy the item, but you can't wear the item. You can go to the Brightsmith below the arena to lower the requirements so you can wear the item, but you will have to spend diamonds. The Brightsmith can also enhance properties of the item.

There are some items that give you bonuses as well. E.G. I can find an armor that will increase my Strength (it will show in the description of the item if it has this special property) or a weapon that can increase my defense.

If you buy and can wear one of these items, then the stat is added to your character (but it will not show on your attributes page).

E.G. If I equipped a weapon that gives me 5 agility, I can wear the belt that I couldn't wear earlier (the one that required 5 agility).

Note that the name or looks of the weapon/armor does not mean anything at all. All the information you should look at are the stats of the item.

E.G. I found a leather piece of body armor that was better than a metallic looking piece of body armor. It wouldn't make sense in real life to have leather stronger than metal, but the stats told me otherwise.

To sell armor/weapons, go into the appropriate shop then drag the item to the bag of coins at the bottom.

Now, about Tools. The tool trader is slightly different from the armorer and armsmaker. The first major difference is that you cannot buy a tool if you don't meet the requirements. The other difference is that the requirements are based off of your attributes page alone.

E.G. If a tool required 5 agility and my only 5 agility came from that weapon that gave me 5 agility, then I can't buy the tool.

Also, you cannot sell tools. Period. You can also only buy tools for your occupation. So, since I was a baker and a miller, I can't buy a clay digger's shovel.

When looking for a good tool to buy, you will be given two numbers in the description of the tool.

E.G. +9.1,3OP.

The +9.1 means that for ever OP I use, I will harvest an additional +9.1 of the resource. The 3OP means that I will use 3 OP per click. The +9.1 will carry through the 3OP, so with one click I will get +27.3. As a general rule, buy a tool based on its + number. The OP number is just to make playing easier by making you click less often. The Brightsmith is able to upgrade tools by increasing the OP number.

IX. Potions

Later in the game (if you haven't done this part already) a witch named Matricia will make potions for you. To equip the potion and take it with you to battle, you need to buy and equip a belt that can hold at least one potion. When you have the belt on, a small square will appear (the number 7 in the fight page). In a fight, the potion will then appear next to your special moves. You can either click to use the potion (the potion will then last until the fight is over) or the special moves. Potions are one-use items, so the potion will be gone forever after you use it.

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