In the arena you match yourself with other players and you invest AP. On the preferences screen you can choose how much AP you would like to use in a fight. The experience rewarded is determined in part by how many activity points you spent on the fight. With every fight you receive experience and social points. Winning a fight will win you more rewards than losing. Winning against a higher fight level player will win you more points than winning against a lower fight level player. Your character will have fun at the arena as well. In the arena, you can increase your basic abilities in sword fighting and defense by paying a fee for training. You need this to increase your fight abilities.

The fights run off in rounds and one player always attacks and the other defends. The player with the higher skill strikes the first blow. Every player selects one of three directions in which he hits or defends. Provided that no fight ability is used, a blow is blocked completely if both sides choose the same direction. The fight continues until a player has no more hit points(HP). If a player stops choosing which direction to hit, the computer will choose for them, but no abilities or potions will be used. During the fight, players can use potions for themselves.

Besides the game level of your character,there is a fight level. This is altered by the outcome of the fights you win and lose. The XP and your fight level will change depending on the fight level of your opponent. When searching opponents in the arena, only players who are +/-5 fight levels will be picked for you.

Other values are:

  • Skill: How often you can use your fight ability. You can increase this with a potion, bonuses attributes on weapons and armor, or through the agility attribute.
  • Defensive value: How much damage you can block. This is the total of your natural defenses and your armor. You can raise your natural defense through the resistance attribute.
  • Attack value: How much damage you can inflict. This is the total of your strength and weapons. You can raise your strength under attributes when you level up.
  • Hit Points(Life Points): If this display sinks to zero or below, you have lost the fight. You can increase this at the abilities screen.

There are also other factors to win :

  1. More armour --> Opponent hits less on you
  2. Better Weapon --> You Hit more on opponent
  3. More health --> You take longer to die

There are also attributes that also help in battles these are:

  • Strength
  • Agilty
  • Constitution
  • Resistance

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