Fire Wolves F W

Fire Wolves (F.W.)

Cat 5 - 9 beds, Janus Guildhouse, Warehouse lvl 2, Library lvl 2, Headquarter lvl 0, Academy lvl 0

  • Alliances:

the brain guild
boss from slovenia
The Ancient Elves of Balance
army in range

  • Info:

Looking for a new house upgrade, so donate. The green beds are for admins, the blue for second in command and when we get red it will be for all!

  • Rules:

1. Speak English so we can understand
2. Be online nearly every day to pay your taxes so we can make the guild better
3. No swearing no messing about when we go to war.

  • Taxes:

Give 5 of each resource each 4 days so we can make the guild better. It's not much so I'm sure you can do it. You must donate if u do not donate the amount given each week we will kick you from the guild.

  • Donations:

You donate 5/10 resources of your occupation, not of all the resources
And 150 SP at least plz!

The occupation taxes list:

If you are a wood cutter you donate 10 wood each day,
If you are a farmer you donate 10 as well,
If you are a Clay Digger 10 each day,
Ore Miner 10 each day,
Miller 5 a day,
Baker 5 a day,
Caperter 5 a day as well,
Ironist 5,
Clay Burner 5,
Coal Maker 5

  • Rank:

When you donate over 500 resources u move a rank then when u donate 500 more u move up and so on

To join, contract with snowdude 1, kickboxer kev or Asterix23 plz.

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