Follow Your Nose

Pilou's house is a complete mess, and he himself is gone.

1. If you have a closer look inside his house, you will discover some soil and a hayfork. Take both into your inventory.

2. Let your pig sniff the soil, and it will follow a trace. You only have to follow your pig and it will lead you to a damaged bridge not far from the robbers' hut.

3. You need 5 OP and 100 wood to repair the bridge.

4. Cross the bridge and remove the fruits and the horse dung on the way to move on.

5. Follow the path towards the south and you will meet a man called Livius on the southern market place.

6. If you talk to Livius you will find out quite soon that he doesn't like Pilou very much.

7. If you talk to your pig it will suddenly have a diamond for you in its snout.

8. And more blocked paths will open that day: the fir tree below the robbers' hut will be gone, the flooded way south of Pilous house will be passable now, and the small branch underneath Karamix has vanished.

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