Forum Rules

These rules apply to every post in this forum, without exception. Please note SUPPORT messages in your mailbox, about their arrival you are informed with a messenger pidgeon symbol at the lower game border.

Forum rules, forum users, admonishments

§1 By using the forum I accept its rules: The forum is being administrated and moderated by the staff members of the browsergame [url][/url]. The forum is open to anyone's disposal to an frank exchange of views free of charge. With his/her registration, every user declares his agreement to the forum statutes and obliges him-/herself to stick to them.

§1a The forum statutes may be changed at every time by the staff members: The staff members of [url][/url] are free to change the forum statutes at any time on common decision, without preannouncement or special tendering. Should a user disagree with potential changes, he/she is free to leave the forum and delete his/her registration.

§2 The forum moderators care for public peace. The moderators are predominantely bound to enforce the obedience of the rules and a cood company among each other. A breach of the rules is subject to assessment by the respective moderator.

Moderators are not obliged to answer questions. This is optional for them.

§2a Users offending these forum rules will be exhorted and on repeated offense be officially warned. Every warning will entail a temporarily ban. The moderators approach as follows:

First warning - 24 hours write lockout

Second warning - 7 days read and write lockout

Third warning - 14 days read and write lockout

If a user is being warned more than three times, he/she is banned permanently by the moderators. The moderators will presume to instantely lock or ban a player at a very criminal offense. Furthermore, a ingame penalization may follow.

§2b If a user creates a new account to evade the penalization, it is deleted with immediately effect.

§2c If a user does not agree to a warning, he/she has to inform the moderator who warned him/her. If it does not come to a broad consent, the user may submit the case to the SMod in charge for clarification.

§3 The general rules are suspect to preservation. The forum acts as a source of information, help and general exchange. To allow this, a friendly, tolerant and respectful converse is demanded from the users (see also general rules).

§3a It is forbidden to denunciate other users. Same is valid for baiting against certain accounts and alliances. So called "whine threads" are tolerated, as long as the thread creator abides to the rules in his explanation.

§3b The illegitimate use of foreign real life data counts as denunciation and will therefore be punished.

§3c Provocating and offending behaviour, so called trolling, is not welcomed. Therefore it may be avenged by the moderators.

§4 Deputies are not tolerated:

The moderators are solely responsible for the order. If you feel disturbed or you recognize anything which contravenes the rules, report it to them. "Deputies", who point out the rules to the user or write comments like "close plz" without writing a meaningful post to the thread, are not tolerated. Among it belongs hinting the search function without actually providing a link to it.

Posts, in which the thread creator asks for closing, editing, moving or deletion of his thread, are allowed.

§5 Threads should be posted to the correct forum:

Please take care of which forum you have chosen. Otherwise the thread will be moved to the correct forum or is simply closed. It is at the moderators discretion to move a topic to another forum without further notice, of which you think of to have posted it to the correct forum. It can be avenged when this is done intentionally.

§5a Posts may only be posted to one forum:

Exclusions are Announcements of staff members of [url][/url], which will be shown at first place in all forums. So called "cross postings", threads about the same topic in multiple forums, are not allowed. Threads posted in multiple forums will be deleted (respectively, only one will be sustained) and the user may be penalized on disregard (see also §2a).

§6 Using the edit function is expected:

Threads should be lucid and neat. To avoid double posts, it is expected to use the edit function.

§6a It is prohibited to write several posts in few minutes in the same thread, too, and therefore to flood a thread. Other users should have the possiblity to post their opionion to the current discussion. Premise them, spam should be avoided. Excluded from this rule are miscellaneous word games in the off-topic area (user by user games and so on).

§7 Using the search function is expected:

Topics, that have already been treated, should be picked up again on repeated questions. Prior to posting a new thread, always check the first page of the forum if there is a thread with the same content. In the case of this being true, you should post therein under attention of all other rules. The forum has a search function at disposal, which should be used prior to opening a new thread. The not-using of the search function may be avenged (see §2a).

§8 The contents of a private message must not be posted in a forum:

The content of private messages (pms), ingame messages (igms) and all other private conversations (icq, aim, irc etc) must not be posted without consent of the author of all involved parties. The copyright applies to the entire forum.

§9 The staff of and its appendant forums reserve the richt to delete posts and messages without notice of reasons.

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