General Rules

These rules of the game are an addition to the general terms and conditions. In case of suspension or just to check what is permitted or not permitted the general terms and conditions should be read as well, especially §7.

§1 Players and accounts

Each player is allowed only one account per world, and only allowed to play this one account.

§1.1 Account-access

The ownership of an account is synonymous with the access to the registering email address. If an account is to be transferred to another owner, the present account-holder needs to change - under Preferences - his current email address to the email address of the future account-holder and confirm the following email. As soon as the future account-holder confirms the email send to his email address, he will be able to request a new password with the "Forgot your PW/login?" button on the Travians frontpage. To hand over passwords from one user to another is prohibited. The Travians Team will never ask for your password.

§1.2 Account Sitting

Each player is allowed to appoint one (1) sitter, who will take care of the account during the time of absence of the account-holder. Sitting is only meant to ensure the upkeep of the account in correspondence to the goals of the account-holder, and sitting is not to be abused to further the game of the sitter. Permanent sitting, which is considered sitting longer than a three (3) week period, is prohibited. Compensation for losses which result due to sitting will not be made by Travians, every account-holder is held responsible for his sitter.

§1.3 Conjointly used Computers
Several players using the same computer will be permitted as long as it will not disturb the course of the game. Multiuser accounts are forbidden.

§2 Resource transfer and Pushing

An account is to be played to benefit the account-holders game, and is not to be played to benefit other accounts.

§3 Employment of implements (aids)

Travians Game is only allowed to be played over a conventional browser. The employment of scripts and/or bots, which will automate actions, or change the user interface (for instance: Greasemonkey scripts or frames) are strictly forbidden. Furthermore all other kinds of scripts which will stress the server are prohibited, and/or scripts, which will login to readout and/or analyze data.

§4 Bugs

Bugs of any kind are to reported to admins or admins are to be informed posting information on the whereabouts of the bug into the forum. Bugs may not be used to benefit a players game. Using a bug for ones benefit will result in penalization of the abusing account.

§5 Financial Transactions

It is prohibited to buy resources of other users for money, as well as it is prohibited to sell them. Furthermore it is forbidden to offer money to other users to gain a benefit by actions in game, as well as ordering such. Selling an account, or the invested time therein and/or the indirect transmission (giving it away) as well as selling/buying an account at auction for money is strictly prohibited.

§6 Netiquette

A congenial conversation is expected.

The following behavior will be fittingly punished without further ado by support, in some cases by freezing the account. This will apply to all forms of communication within the game.

- Statements made to insult, slander, sexually harass, discriminate against race, religion, nationality, sexual preferences, age or gender.

- Publishing, transmitting or giving access to material, which is not appropriate for under age users, or which will violate local, national or international law, including, but not limited to sexual, illegal, rude and obscene contents.

- Blackmailing users in any way which violates the general terms and conditions of Travians.

- Any profiles are exclusively to be composed in English. Profiles in other languages will be deleted by support.

- Mimicry of official Travians or other official institutions in any way or form, including but not limited to Admins, Moderators and Support, is strictly prohibited and will be penalized by prompt deletion.

- Advertising of any kind, which was not approved by the Travians Team is to be refrained from. Method of distribution is irrelevant.

- Questionable drawings or contorted views by oversized profiles are prohibited as well, and will be removed by Support.

- Chain mails of any kind, no matter content or concern are strictly forbidden.

- Spamming in chat rooms, per IGM or in public guild-forums is not permitted.

§7 Punishment

By transgressions against the rules, Moderators and Admins will decide about the acerbity of punishment. Possible punishments are: freezing account for certain time periods, level reduction, or reduction of resources. In any case the punishment will exceed the advantage the account achieved by breaking the rules.

§7.1 Compensation for lost resources during the time of the ban will not be rendered.

§7.2 Gold Club

- The user has no entitlement to compensation and/or reimbursement for lost time utilizing Gold-Club membership while his account is frozen

- There will be no special treatment for Gold Club members regarding rules, nor a time limit when accounts need to be frozen or punished.

§7.3 Right to object

Users do have the right to object to punishments of any kind, they are asked to bring forth their arguments by IGM to Support. If it seems impossible to reach an agreement, or the user feels wrongly treated, it is his right to ask for a close examination by an Admin (moc.snaivart|nimda#moc.snaivart|nimda). Freezes, punishments and deletions will not be discussed in public (for example IRC, forums, etc…).

§8 Un-rightful Logins

It is prohibited to obtain un-rightful access to other accounts, or even to try. As un-rightful logins are considered those who are not conducted by the account-holder or his sitter. Offenses can be punished by expulsion. Travians Team will never ask for your password!

§9 Incitement

Is is prohibited to force other players into deletion, giving up accounts, being appointed as sitter or to play dual accounts. Extortion of resources in any way or form is strictly forbidden no matter of the intention. It is prohibited to ask a player to break the rules.

§10 Deletion

For users who are planning to delete their accounts , or are already working on deleting their account all rules will still apply.

§11 Change of Rules

The Travians Team reserves itself the right to change rules as deemed necessary.

§12 Severability Clause

If any provision of this body of rules or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions or applications of this body of rules that can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this body of rules are declared to be severable. These will come into effect immediately and will be used on the case to be dealt with. Accordingly will vacancies in the body of rules treated. Admins obligate themselves to fill any vacancies in a way in which they see fit as it has to be inserted into the body of rules, if they had noticed the vacancy before.

We hope for a peaceful cohabitation!

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