Getting Attention

Today you will get a message from Senkel. The letter tells you that Tombo saw the Druid and that he wasn’t alone. The Druid was last seen near the ferryman. Both have a shield to protect themselves. Go to Matricia and ask how you can break the spell. You needs sneezing powder herb from the place of worship. The place of worship is the place where your uncle tasted the wine for Livius. And one of the magical places of Lorenas map was there. Go to this place. The herb is easy to overlook.


Take the herb with you and go back to Matricia, she will make sneezing powder of it. She tells you a spell. Go back to the druids and click on intervention. If the spell Matricia gave you is wrong you’ll get the answer: “pffff” and you have to go back to Matricia to get a new spell. The correct phrase is "Kem'bara fi hataschi." Go back to the druids and now they will sneeze and the amulet part falls into the river. The ferryman swears he will get revenge.

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