Gold Club

Features of the Gold Club:

  • 35 instead of 30 OP per day
  • Maximum of OP/AP increased from 90 to 140
  • 30 clubs instead of just 3
  • Message to the whole guild, if you are authorized to do so in your guild
  • Resources will be directly put into your guild's warehouse if your own warehouse should overflow
  • Larger inventory
  • 20% larger warehouse
  • More than 3 minigames at the same time
  • Message archive
  • Mass-selection of messages/reports in your mailbox
  • Use of the Express Cave
  • Complete refund within the first 5 minutes in the house editor when objects are sold unused.
  • Display of your attributes at the armsmaker and armory
  • Auto-log in to your guildĀ“s chat
  • Fancier looking user interface
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