Guild Wars

As soon as a guild owns an artifact, it can be attacked by other guilds. However, at least one artifact must fit to a player of the attacking guild at the time of the challenge. That means attackers as well as defenders must be in the possession of an artifact, which can be used by each other party as well. To participate in guild war, a player of the attacking guild needs 10AP at the time of the challenge. Therefore only the attackers get XP throughout a guild war. If a guild owns more than one artifact that could be used, the winner receives the highest one. If there is no artifact left from the losers that fit to the winners by the end of the war, the profit will be lost.

At the defending guild, every fighter may react to the attack within one hour after the attack date, while he challenges one of 5 appointed attackers. This is possible as long all attackers have fought once or the hour is over. If a guild owns less than five members, it can be still attacked with a suitable artifact. Thus it is absolutely possible to attack smaller guilds also. If attackers are occupied during a guild war (dishwashing, reading, sleeping, bathing), the activity is automatically broken off by the defender in case of a challenge. After the hour is over, the result is announced. It is evaluated according to the following rules. - The fight level of the vanquished opponents are added to your own guild, meaning an attacker with fight level 9 whom you defeat, brings 9 victory points for your guild. If not all 5 fights were delivered the following rules decide whether a fight is evaluated as a victory or defeat. - An attacker, who is online and refuses a challenge of the defenders, loses the fight. - An attacker, who is not challenged, however, but is online less than 30 min. loses the fight. - An attacker, who in a full hour was online more than 30 min. and was challenged in this time of no defender, wins the fight. Important: To be recognised as online, you must walk around in the game or use OP. If a guild war begins, actions like sleep, dish washing in the tavern or reading in the library are automatically interrupted.

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