Help Is Near

Jolasius sends a message. At the shores of the Sea Witch one can hear sounds of humming and droning. Is the portal finally reloaded fully?
We rush through the cellar to the castle's ruins and activate the big portal again.
And really, it is reloaded. The portal tells us to hurry since our stay seems to be limited.
When we roam through the forbidden area we find our travel pig. It is tied up with magical bonds to a sacrificial altar. To free it we need the Magical Disposable Knife from the Divine Forge.
The forge is north of the altar. We enter it and take the knife.
We can unbind the pig but the altar wont let it go unless we prove that we are the legitimate owner of our sweet piggy.

The altar has some questions for us:
Senkel's saying: waste not, want not
Heather Rose's book chapter: How our hero saves the piggy
Isoldes sheep: 7
Bambix's piece of work/handicraft: a sling
Jolasius' nickname for Matricia: a charming old dear
Lorenas planned purchase: slaves for the household
What Pilou likes best: ladies without gentlemen's company

Now we can take our pig with us. We return to the castle's ruin through the portal in the north-east (or when the time is up). We take piggy to task. Since it is still weakened we get a message.
After we read the message and learnt some new information we return to the cellar of the ruin via portal 4. We leave the cellar via portal 1 since piggy cannot climb up the rope (therefore we need to use the code 3 9 1). We bring our pig to Matricia where it can chill for some time.

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