Horatio's Ghost

Oh what a surprise. Horatio wrote us.
We hurry to the ruin where he is awaiting us.
After we said the right password "MUNDUS VULT DECIPI" we can enter.

And really, Horatio's ghost is waiting for us. From a talk to him we learn that the druid forgave us. When we are to give the water card to the druid we get suspicious.
At this very moment the true ghost of Horatio pops up and explains to us that the druid pretended to be the ghost to deceive us.

We are to run to Matricia to warn her and to tell her to take good care of our beloved beautiful piggy, since it's origin seems to be of high importance.
So we hurry out of the ruin but it is already too late. Our sweet and good travel pig has disappeared. (oh cruel world)

Maybe it is with Matricia. They have known each other for such a long time *hope*
Unfortunately she has not seen piggy baby. She tells us to visit and ask everybody about our pig.
With everybody I mean really everybody. The ancestor, Tombo, Heather Rose, Jolasius and so on… , all the inn keepers, the tax officer, the banker, even the brightsmith and the black jack guy. EVERYBODY!!!

After that we return to Matricia and tell her that we couldn't find the pig. It must have been kidnapped (Or shall we say pignapped? )

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