House Editor

YOUR HOUSE: At the beginning of the game you go on a trip to your uncle Horatio to receive an inheritance. Besides an animal surprise,you will receive your own house, which is absolutely empty.
You can continue to improve and furnish your house as you progress through the game. It is your place where you sleep, wash, meet with friends and build whatever type of room you wish.


THE HOUSE EDITOR:The house editor can be found in your house in the top right corner. As soon you click on it, your character will disappear and on the right of your screen a new menu with an overview of Furniture , walls, Houses and various items will be available for purchase.

There is also an inventory where you can store objects that you have purchased but not placed in your house.

Not all content in the house editor is available from the beginning and becomes available once you have reached the necessary experience and Social Point level. These objects cost social points as well as some that cost Diamonds, that you receive at the bank.

See: Furniture

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