The hygiene-bar drops after every hour as well as after every OP/AP you've used. Also by eating, you'll get a bit dirtier. At the lowest point (if the hygiene-bar is completely red) your avatar will begin to stink.

By using your washbasin, bathtub or pool, you'll become clean again. In the house editor (upper right corner) you can purchase all three items (listed under furniture if you can afford them, and have progressed sufficiently in the game).

To use other people’s bathtubs/pools, you have to be on their friend list or the item must stand in your guild house.

Notice: As long as you stink, the food prices in the tavern will be higher and the NPC-trader will offer you worse market prices. When playing minigames in this stinking condition, you will get 50% less SP and the same goes for community actions. So it's always best to pay some attention to your hygiene.

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