Our ancestors died finally and our latest successor is all alone. Luckily we receive a message from Tonkarius
(I also call him "The artist formerly known as Tonk" … or "TafkaT"…. sorry for the bad joke ~ nasty). Tonk asks us to visit him in his rebuilt palace.
The old ruin is gone and replaced by a new magnificent palace. Let's see what Tonk has to say.

First of all Tonk wants us to choose an occupation. He also gives us some resources.
So off we go and get a job. After that we tell him that we have done as required.
Now we can immediately pick a second occupation. Of course we tell him again that we got the job.

After all that hard work he still has something for us to do. We are to get back some belongings of our ancestors.
First thing to get back is the pieces of the amulet. They are hidden on three different places in Tonks palace:

1. The first piece: We enter the palace and take the first door to the right. In the next room we take the first door to the right again. We are in the kitchen. There we search the piece of the amulet in the fish.


2. The second piece: We go up one floor. There we go straight ahead. We choose the upper of the two doors that lie right next to each other. The piece of the amulet can be found on the edge of the basin of the left well.


3. The third piece: We go to the fourth floor. We go through the second door (count clockwise starting from the stairs) and we find ourselves in a little bed room. The piece of the amulet is on the cupboard in the very left corner of the room. (NOTE: there is also something in the middle of the cupboard, but we MUST search at the top of it)


With the three pieces in our back pack we return to Tonk who now really believes our ancestry. He hands over a letter of recommendation.

Heather Rose (still to be found in Senkel's tavern) gives us the fishing rod. Additionally she tells us that Tonk allows us to fish everywhere where we can find a jetty.
Matricia gives us the Tadamonica. Btw: She is also caring for our beloved piggy. So when we want to have it back we just have to tell Matricia.

Lorena left a note at the door of her house (still Pilou's old house): She had to go to the forbidden area. She would get in touch with us when she is back. Then she would give us one of the robbers hats.
Tombo (still to be found at the jail of the guild area) gives us the Stereocel.
With all this fashionable stuff we return to Tonk. He congratulates us on that amazing success.

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