Karamix is a weapon dealer and he lives at the tavern south of the arena.

You become acquainted with Karamix on the 10th day of generation 1, after he hits you with his hammer on your head . With this hit, you forget your occupation & get a chance to learn a new one [So you can say it was for good after all]. Later on, you can even choose a second occupation, all thanks to the hit.

The Chop-o-mat
You receive from Karamix a precious family heirloom, the Hack-o-mat, after you save his two children Feline and Bambix from the robbers. The Hack-o-mat is a special axe, with which you can chop the magical beech beside the arena. In the beginning of the second generation you accidently break it. After a bit of running around, you return the Hack-o-mat to Karamix without any signs of damage and freshly polished.

Karamix has another brother, by the name of Kippfix, who lives in Gaul. His wife died early. After the kidnapping of his children by the robbers, Karamix does not think that the tavern is a safe place anymore. He then sends his children to live with his brother Kippfix in Gaul. Kippfix is both the guardian & teacher of his brother's children, Feline and Bambix.

Later on you ask Karamix whether he knows a safe place for Brightwhite and he accidently mentions Gaul. Thus you make an agreement with him to keep [editting not complete] forge with Matricia one flat, as you also Edelweiß in tilt-fixed house to smuggle can around him from its bad brothers and sisters save. He eventually becomes the protector of Brightwhite.

Toward end of the 2nd generation Karamix with tilt fixed and its children Feline and Bambix before the Druiden flee abroad. It is to be expected, which we see it again.

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