Killer Bees Bees

We are a group that all works together for the good of the whole, we enforce our 3 rules which are:

1: dont be rude or ruin our good name
2: be active (we have a 7 day kick out rule)
3: we dont have tax but expect a player to give anything that he can spaire to the guild. (as long as it dont leave him short).

Thats it i think, also our tranning wing is Soldier Ants (Insects). So if anyone wants to join us they need to go though that guild. (leader starlord).

Guild Info:

MEMBERS of GLoT (and loyal to them)

we live as one we fight as one we help as one. We may be small but boy can we sting. What more can i say


(She helped us get beds and other things (we owe her much thanks)(Shes a great player)
Fire at will (he helpped us but it cost us)

Sister guild:

(we will treat their members as our own. Their leaders can if i get a complent will be able to kick out ours for bad behaviour.) (if they are proven right)


~Warriors Of Troy~ (fire at will)
• R-A • (Skizo)
WUF (LeonAngel)
WoC (Aribitor)
TKG (Alexyz0)
Neptune ~ SGA (yellow1173)
HOC (foxydebs)
GOR (Anglos)
Chill Out(Momu)
BLACKOUT™ (Razor 3750:)
UCEmpire (Almost)
xKxKx (KeatoX)
Wolves Den (starrz)
SHDW (daveys)
h.O.p.E. (thor the mighty)
S.P.M.G (mazestix)
-TGX- (dawre786)
Ghost Division ™ (chadrick)
(..)TP(..) (Tharm Bood)
Dragons Crest (smartalekrj)

guilds we dont like
AOW (age of orton)

guilds we cant allie with are:
twang (guitar23)

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