Lorena is the lover of the Druid and the mother of the Druid pupil. As she is a very distinguished Roman, she receives one only when he or she is dressed in a silver cape.

Her house is in the southeast of the map, in the proximity of the Roman area. You become acquainted with Lorena during the Quest "The mysterious Roman" at the age of 80 days in the 1st generation.

Before her house was destroyed towards the end of the 2nd generation by a Meteorite, it was one of the most beautiful houses in Travians. After its destruction, Lorena lived in Pilou's old house, who operates a kitchen in Gaul (and also lives there). After into Pilous old house draws also still Edelweiss with its brothers and sisters, it takes rice out and is in the forbidden area with the temple to be mostly found.

Lorenas palace summer-resort

By the middle of the third generation Lorena is to be found at Tonkarius's palace. Shortly thereafter the two announce their engagement. The wedding takes place on the island. As gift Tonkarius builds a new dwelling, the summer-resort for her.

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