Lucky To Bath With Ducky (Luckyducky)

Bath Host - 51 Teakwondo Panda
Bath Host - 51 Illusions
Bath Host - 51 candy candy
Bath Host - 51 lettuc3
Bath Host - 51 DarkQueen
Bath Host - 51 liz79
Bath Assistant shalis
Bath Assistant Opal Ruby

A club for all of you who like spending their CA bonus time in baths at our houses!

You do not have to be in this club to use the baths and club members will not get a permanent place on the list. However, as a club member, we will advertise our baths by a mass mail or by using the club forum 15-20 mins before we advertise the bath on the CA chat.Meaning, you get a 15 min head start to get a place on our friend lists before it gets full!

Bath Assistants are there to help us host. If we are not around, they are the hosts, so listen to them and show respect. They are here to help!

Click here if you are new to bath CA's

If you want to be a bath assistant for this club, let me know! All who has player managment can add new members by going to manage members-add player.

If you are ready to become a bath host then contact me and you can use this club to send out MM's when you host ;)

Please note: we respect other bath hosts and other bathing clubs and we will not talk about them but we are open to have discussions with them! We would like to make known that we do not appreciate our members talking bad about other hosts and/or clubs, nor will we talk bad about them in public either.

We join BiP in creating fantastically fun and pleasurable baths!

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