Meeting Horatio

Horatio writes to us that he wants to meet at the ruins.
He tells us how he won the amulett. When we tell him about the shores he says that we could go there with the help of a portal
To use the portal we need to go to the cellar of the ruins and solve the mirror's riddle. We reach the cellar when we move the stone left of the shelf with the scrolls (maybe we need to refresh before).

When we go downstairs we see four portals and nine panels on the walls that are arranged like a keyboard.
Our beloved ancestor can help us: in his sleep s/he is murmuring the numerical sequences 2-7-6 and 3-9-1.

Back at the ruins we hit the panels 2, 7 and 6 (top left is 1, bottom right is 9).
When we did everything right we can go through the 4th portal. We arrive in a new room, which we leave. We are on the island with the ruins of the castle.
At the exterior of the castle we find a tablet. Of course we push it.
In the small room under the ruins we push the panels 3, 9 and 1 to activate the portals. This time we choose the big portal.

The guardian of the portal gives us some new information but wont let us pass to the forbidden area.
Back we go to the exterior of the castle, press the panel and return to the small room to activate the small portals again by pressing 3, 9 and 1. Portal 4 will bring us back to the cellar of the ruin.

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