Meteor Power

Tonkarius finished the analysis of the centrifugal wheel but now he needs something called "electricity" (No clue what that is?! ).

Where can we get it?
Matricia's former teacher Eulalie used to deal with it in the past. In the meanwhile she became blind and lives as a beachcomber in the Roman Empire.
Instinctively we check the bridge east of Jolasius' vineyard. The bridge is fixed!
We follow the path to the east alongside the beach until we meet Eulalie. Unfortunately she won't talk to us unless we stink heavily.
We return to Eulalie with a wonderful odour which is literally visible.
Eulalie tells us that she once used to experiment with the energy of falling stars. Unfortunately three ships sank because of that: the Sea Witch, the Havenaught and the Water Taxi. When we fetch one star from each of the ships Eulalie can help us.

1. Sea Witch: We find the Sea Witch when we go to Livius' house. When we click on it our beloved and talented piggy will get the star for us.
2. Havenaught: The wreck of the havenaught can be found in the far south west of the forbidden area. It is in the lake that separates the forbidden area from Gaul.

3. Water Taxi: The Water Taxi ran aground in the lake west of Lumpik's house. Again piggy will get the star for us.

With the stars in our bag we return to Eulalie. She puts them in a jar. Now we have to solve a numeric puzzle. We have to calculate with Roman numerals. NOTE: The puzzle is different for EVERYBODY!!! After solving the math problems we have earned the jar with the stars. We stay a bit longer to chat with Eulalie before we report back to Tonkarius.

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