Miners Union

MINERS UNION is a good club that enforce rules to keep ore at high prices It may have been one of the clubs who put ore up in price.

Club Info:

Fellow miners! It was not long ago that ore was the cheapest resource on the market. We miners were undercutting each other lowering the selling price of ore.

We must all BUY OFF ALL ORE LOWER THAN 33 and RESELL AT 33 or higher.

As long as you resell at a higher price you will NOT lose money, you might even gain a copper or two. Invite all people selling ore that are not in the Union, especially if they are selling cheap.

| Requested ore price: 33 |
| If selling at 32, sell in the amount of 50 or more |
| If selling at 31, sell in the amount of 100 or more |
try to sell for more if you can

About: This union has been created due to the low costs of ore. We are banding together to raise the costs of ore so that we may all make more money. I have sent a request to join this club to everyone selling ore on the market. Please invite ALL MINERS and people selling ore! Thank you for your support.

Note: Don't forget to check the Forum for the latest updates. Guild Started! The Metalworkers Guild (MWG) has been created. If you want to join see the Guild's Forum. You can get there through Stevie.

To all those that support us: THANK YOU!

Goal: To have every player that deals with ore support the Union. Everyone buy cheap ore and resell at 33 or higher.

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