With the dice icon, you open minigames and you may accept them.This way,they cost no action points.However,you also receive no social points or experience points.Minigames can also be accepted and be started at the game table in the tavern.However for this,you need action points in return,but you will also get experience points and social points credited.
The minigames that are started at the game table of the tavern cost 5 action points each and bring your character SP and XP.There is also the possibility to start minigames at the menu on bottom left.These are merely friendly games.At the game table you can offer a game or join a game. Offered are:

Minigame Players
Get Four 2
Tic-Tac-Toe 2
Dots and Boxes 2
Battleships 2
Reversi 2
Chess 2
Blackjack 2-4
Skat 3
Poker 2
Dice Duel 2-4
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