Next Generation

In the night from day 111 to day 112 every player will experience a new generation. That means you will continue to play with your descendent. There will be new quests in 2nd generation. Every player will have his or her change of generation on his or her 111th day.

1. Your house will remain.
2. All furniture in your house will remain.
3. All SP will remain.
4. The guild house will remain.
5. All guild furniture will remain.
6. All guild resources and guild SP will stay in the guild warehouse.
7. You will still be a member of your guild with no restrictions.
8. Your friendslist will stay as it is. You can have 10 more friends, if you have enough seats. (makes 50 wink.gif)
9. You will still be a member of all your clubs.

All other things will being reset.
no armour, no weapon, no resources, own warehouse can hold 300, no money, OP set to 30, AP set to 0, attributes 0, level 0, no occupation

Used diamonds will not be refund and you will not get new ones. Unused diamonds will stay, of course.

All Quests of the first generation will be set to "done" and written into the diary. Also the ones you actually have not done.

You can see all furniture collections of the 1st generation. You can continue to buy them. There will be some new colections in the 2nd generation.

If you are 111 and online you will be logged out at 0:00 server time. When you login again, you play with your descendent. Sometimes it happens some minutes later wink.gif

First and second generation will both play in one world. The No. 1 in ranking will not be No. 1 in 2nd generation. Your ranking restarts in every generation. But there will be a ranking with the fixed result from every generation. Players who finished 1st generation later will arranged between the other players - depends on the result.

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