Paper Chase

Tombo sends us a message. The druid is still alive and wants to eliminate Horatio's ghost. We cannot allow that to happen!
After a little chat with Tombo, who is sure to notice Horatio's smell of alcohol, we receive a pigeon message.
It seems as if Horatio wants to play tag with us, he will tip Tombo off where to find him. Tombo really gets a note from Horatio that immediately goes into our inventory.
The note goes as follows:
There once was a valiant hero,
who met his end too quick.
To hear this tale of great woe,
seek out the fount of Shaurik.

So, off we go to Shaurik. He tells us a story about a hero that became bogged down in the swamp while searching for treasures. It is said that his hand bones are still to be seen.
The hand can be found on the right edge of the swamp . We click on it and receive another note.
The second note goes:
A man sought love, his heart did yearn,
he asked his Teuton sweetheart.
She said she would, but you must learn,
her tale of the apple cart.

This hints to Heather Rose.
Heather Rose tells us about a fruit farm with an apple cart. We can find the farm when we follow the path along from the swamp to the robbers hut and then turn to the west. We cross the bridge and see the farm right under the iron foundry.

There we find another note:
A secret hiding hole do find,
where once a man saved his behind.
The bad guys left all in turmoil,
our man now deals in olive oil.

That hints at Livius. He is back in front of the southern bakery selling olive oil. Once he was hiding from soldiers in a rock hole north west of his current position. We find it beneath the southern mill.

The next note is as follows:
Even the thickest lump
knows the merry fisherman's hump.

That's Pilou. He only gives us a very vague hint on the stoop. When you are there you can see the sun go down behind the apple trees. The place must be somewhere near of apple trees. In the end we find it just right of the fruit farm. Maybe you have to close your chat windows to see it.

Again we find a paper:
Twice this man has called the hordes,
and hid his fear behind their swords.
Who's the man who made the shout?
You know what place this is about?

That surely refers to Lumpik and his threats of war. Lumpik tells us about a fir tree near the army camp of the Teutons. Once he fell out of that tree. We find the camp at the Teuton's side of the big lake north of the swamp. The fir stands right in front of it.

And yes, there is a new paper:
Islander, kidnapped,
his head in a sack,
trussed up all proper.
Sells good in his shack.

Goods? That must be Stan. We talk to Stan and learn that once he had indeed been kidnapped. He is sure that the sack that covered his head can still be found in the forest far north of his tavern. We find it in the forest north of the arena at the place where the witch npc fighter hangs around. We click on the sack.

The next note goes:
If the brilliant brother is away
all the children run astray.
So back it runs and brings them home,
never can it further roam.

This one refers to BrightWhite, who is still caring for the pupils in Pilou's house. He can never walk further than to the water trough south of the house.

A new note is hidden underneath the trough:
Which of those came first, I beg
the chicken or the chicken egg?
It matters not but bear in mind
where she did these things first find.

We go to Lorena (Forbidden Area) to ask her where she found her first egg for the windows of time. She found it east of the temple between two barrels. When we follow the path that leads to the east we will find the barrels at the very end of that path.

And again we find a note:
The first sweet kiss
filled hair and belly with bliss.
In the dark the kiss grew weak
but of the belly people speak.

The kisser is Tombo and the place is his smooching hole in Gaul. We find it in the northern area of Gaul under the lake that is between Gaul and the Forbidden Area.

Again a paper *sigh*:
The gentle tide breaks on the strand,
another piece of flotsam lands,
but she waits until you see
who blinded long ago did flee.

Well, we have to talk to Eulalie. That means that we have to get back to our natural odor. Means eating, working and fighting but not washing
Eulalie tells us that a box had just landed on the beach. We find the box when we follow the path along the beach to the very south. At the very end of it we find the box.

Also we get the next paper:
The rulers trophy
people can not see.
What's this all about?
Go and find out!

The ruler must be Tonkarius. We go to his palace and talk to him. He tells us something about a spear in the guild area . It is easy to spot as it stands next to the shrine.

Yes, finally the last note.
Once upon the banks there grew
the finest herb that ever was.
Now it grows there nevermore.
I know who did this cause.

Herbs are a strong link to Matricia. She knows which herb the text refers to, Sarsaparilla and Sevenroot. It only grew in the Forbidden Area at a fence near a tower. The tower were Stan hides the coffee.

This time we don't find any paper but finally Horatio materializes. Thank god we are almost done! He refuses to stay with us unless we tell him exactly how to manage it. First we tell him to get sober. To reach that (seemingly unlikely) goal we give him the bottle of Lumpik's Wellness-water to drink by clicking on it in our inventory. Horatio gets sober. Who would have thought it?! Fortunately the empty bottle makes a perfect residence for our beloved uncle Horatio. With a further click on the empty bottle in our inventory Horatio slips into it. We pick the now filled bottle from the ground (again by clicking it) and bring it to Tonkarius.

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