Pilou Is Back

A message from Pilou. He opened an eating house in Gaul. He wants to get to know to us.
Pilou wants us to bring him 6 pretty mushrooms. We can find mushrooms on the way north of the arena.

As soon as we found 6 non-poisonous mushrooms we go to Gaul. To find the eating house we follow the path that leads from Kippfix's house to the south.
Our quite disliked sentinel blocks the way and wont let us pass unless we wear a ring, a brooch or a necklace.

We can buy a necklace on Thursday at Stan for 10 silver. When we feel unable to wait for Thursday we could get a ring from Karamix (3 gold) or a brooch from Lorena (5 gold)
With our piece of jewellery we return to the sentinel who now allows us to pass. We cross the bridge and find a market. There we can find Pilou, all traders, and a bank institute.
Pilou is pleased to get to know to us and offers to cook a mushroom dish for us. Notice: a poisonous mushroom will result in a poisonous dish!
After this quest we find Senkel fishing near the tavern above the swamp. Heather Rose is his temporary replacement in the tavern

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