Here you carry out different settings and administer your account:

Scroll speed:Determines how fast a new map opens in the image once you enter.

Movement speed:Determines how many animations steps of your character are displayed.

AP per arena fight:Here you determine how many AP your character uses per arena fight.Notice that you thereby collect also more or less XP in the arena.

Who may enter your house:All players, or only your friends("Friends list")

timezone:From here you can set your time but you should put the game timeā€¦for no confusions(Amsterdam,Berlin,Rome GMT:+1:00)

Switch off character animation in houses:Should the game become very slow if you are in the tavern or a house,check mark here to accelerate the game.

Receive friendship/club/guild requests:Here you turn friendship/club/guild requests on or off.

Receive commercial reports:Here you determine if you want to receive commercial reports.

Activate bubble chats in houses:Here you can enable/disable speech bubbles in houses.
Activate snow:From here you can be like santa:)) and start the snow when u want.

To see friends on the map:If this point is activated you'll se your friend on the map.

Change e-mail:Here you can change your e-mail address if you need to.

change password:As soon as you enter a new password an confirmed it,you receive an e-mail with a link,which you must confirm.Only then the password is changed.

Delete account:Enter the password and you will receive an e-mail with a link.As soon as you have done so,the account is deleted immediately.

Sitter:here you can enter another player as Sitter, so that he can log him/herself in into your account with your name and his/her password, e.g: if you cannot administer your account for a while.With your next log in,the sitter is deactivated again.

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